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New! June 12th th, 2011:

The Devil's Highway

The Devil's Highway, Roland Longville #7

Roland Longville goes up against a fanatical militia leader in this latest fast-paced
and gritty installment in the Roland Longville series. On the trail of a college
graduate who's disappeared, Roland becomes caught up in a web of intrigue, human
trafficking, and murder. Aided by a beautiful filmmaker, a renegade sheriff, and
an alcoholic war hero, Roland find himself caught in the middle of an Apocalyptic
showdown in a lonely Western town at the end of a forgotten stretch of pavement
called The Devil's Highway.

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The Roland Longville Series

Trade Paperback, Large Print and Kindle:
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The Burning Day

The Burning Day, Roland Longville #6

Lady Midnight--Trade Paperback Edition

Medusa--Trade Paperback Edition

Dead Birmingham--Trade Paperback Edition

Magician--Trade Paperback Edition

Season of the Witch--Trade Paperback Edition

Entire Roland Longville Serie--Now Also Available in Ebook: (All Formats!!!)

Lady Midnight

Lady Midnight
In this fifth Installment of the Roland Longville Series, Roland is hired by a senator with dreams of higher office, and some serious domestic troubles. He wants Roland to bring his wild child daughter home before her antics disgrace him and cost him his political reputation. Roland tracks the girl and her musician boyfriend to Atlanta where he discovers they have become involved in the lurid East Coast indy Porn business. Roland meets some old enemies and some new ones, and tries to untie a Gordian knot of lies and double-dealing, as everyone he meets seems hell-bent on stopping him...even if they have to kill him to do it. eBook Publisher: The Fiction Works, Published: www.fictionworks.com Fictionwise Release Date: July 2008


The exciting sequel to Timothy C. Phillip's Magician. When an unknown caller leaves Roland Longville a tantalizing clue that child killer Samson Fain has resurfaced in storm-ravaged New Orleans, Roland teams up once again with De- tective Amos "Cold-Case" Tiller to hunt down Fain and rescue a teenaged girl who's disappeared. Along the way, they meet a strange man who seems to know more about their case than he's telling; a stripper who dances wearing nothing but her twin pythons--and an insane old woman who runs a decrepit not-so-funhouse in the swamps. Roland and Tiller fight to stay alive in a nightmarish twilight world, where nothing is as it seems. eBook Publisher: The Fiction Works, Published: www.fictionworks.com Fictionwise Release Date: March 2008

October, 2007: Both Season of the Witch and Dead Birmingham will be released in 2009 in Audiobook format.
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Coming Soon in Audiobook!

Dead Birmingham

Dead Birmingham

--Roland Longville Detective Series, Book 3.

Roland Longville is back, and this time he's been hired by a mysterious old man 
to find a locked antique box. The box has been stolen by a group of rebellious 
young people who exist on the fringes of society, stealing and squatting their way 
through life. The kids start turning up dead, and Roland's old partner, Police 
Detective Lester Broom becomes involved. The men race to find the secret behind 
the mysterious box and stop the shadowy killer before he strikes again. It is 
a race against time that brings everyone together in a old hotel that broods over 
Birmingham like a ghost from another time; there they will have a showdown 
with a demonic killer out of Europe's dark Cold War past.

The Second installment of Roland Longville Series:


Magician-- Roland Longville Detective Series, Book 2.

A man comes into Roland's office and asks if he will look into the disappearance 
of his nine-year old daughter. The man is Horace Champion, A billionaire whose daughter
disappeared years earlier. The case had been the subject of a media frenzy; the little girl
had disappeared in the middle of a lavish birthday party, with the Champion household 
full of guests. Roland joins forces with quirky, wise-cracking Detective Amos "Cold Case" 
Tiller. The two men embark on a journey that will take them from the seediest parts 
of Birmingham, to a surreal ghost town in the Arizona desert where circuses go to 
winter, where they will find the deadliest adversary that Roland has ever had to 
face, and the awful truth behind a crime, and a criminal, 
almost too dark and terrible to believe.

Currently available in ebook format:

Season of the Witch

Season of the Witch

Roland Longville is a private investigator with a weakness for the underdog, and 
this time around he's working on two cases at once. Longville searches for a college 
co-ed who is missing in Birmingham's seedy, drug-infested north end; and he's after 
a small-time hood who has gone into hiding with an old friend's money. When two 
rival mob bosses send gunmen after him, he realizes somebody has set him up.

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